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The Story Behind My Mother Next Door, Ep #9

October 27, 2021

A week after Diane’s 16th birthday, her mother announced that she was leaving—and moving into the house next door. She planned to start a whole new life that happened to include a plethora of hot college students she had rented the home to. The shocking revelation changed the trajectory of Diane’s life. 

Diane’s book, “My Mother Next Door” is an exploration of their unusual relationship (and what led Diane’s mother to make the choices she did). In this episode of Mothers and Daughters Unfiltered, Diane and Natalie discuss the transformational journey of writing a book and what she learned about her mother—and herself. 

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • [1:33] What is “My Mother Next Door” about?
  • [3:38] Diane’s mindset while writing the book
  • [9:30] Writing a book is the hardest thing Diane’s ever done
  • [14:55] The relationship between mother and daughter
  • [16:10] The context of My Mother Next Door
  • [23:26] How Diane’s experience influences who she is as a mother 
  • [25:54] Natalie’s perspective of “My Mother Next Door”
  • [29:50] The message Diane hopes readers will take away
  • [33:43] How to get a copy of Diane’s book

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