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The Reemergence of Fashion Post-COVID with Alison Bruhn and Delia Folk, Ep #4

June 16, 2021

Did fashion die out in COVID? According to Alison Bruhn and Delia Folk of “The Style That Binds Us,” people dressed very intentionally—even during COVID. Clothes were still serving a purpose: to soothe. People wore big fluffy robes and slippers or soft sweaters and sweatpants. They choose pieces of clothing that cocooned them in safety and comfort. The world needed comfort in a time where everything was frightening. 

But what about Post-COVID? In this episode of Mothers & Daughters Unfiltered, Diane and Natalie chat with this mother-daughter duo about the future of fashion. The ladies also talk about how “The Style That Binds Us'' was created, why they feature certain brands, and how you can create the perfect core wardrobe. Don’t miss this fun fashion-filled episode!

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • [1:50] The genesis of The Style That Binds Us
  • [6:58] Fashion icons they look up to
  • [10:25] The reemergence of fashion post-COVID
  • [14:19] The “less is more” concept of dressing
  • [17:32] Finding up and coming designers
  • [23:05] A conversation with a fashion historian
  • [25:13] Don’t be afraid to get things tailored
  • [28:49] The styles emerging out of COVID
  • [32:25] The one thing a woman should invest in
  • [39:45] What Delia and Alison have learned about each other

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