Mothers & Daughters Unfiltered

A Look At Colombian Culture though a Millennial Lens, Ep #5

July 14, 2021

Our last trip before COVID hit was to Cartagena, Colombia. We were extremely lucky to have taken the trip and made it back into the USA before the borders were closed. In this episode of Mothers and Daughters Unfiltered, we have a conversation with our host and guide while we were in Colombia, Natalia Naranjo. She shared her home, restaurants, markets, and gave us a good sense of her culture. This episode shines a light on the differences in our cultures and relationships. It’s a peek into life in Colombia from the perspective of a Colombian Millennial woman.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • [1:00] Life in Colombia from the perspective of a Millennial woman
  • [3:26] Learn more about Natalia Naranjo
  • [5:26] Relationships in the United States vs. Colombia
  • [12:00] The diversity, culture, and history in Colombia
  • [17:54] How college differs in Colombia vs. the US
  • [19:24] The American perception of Colombia
  • [21:25] The family system in Colombia
  • [30:55] Natalia’s challenge to Americans

Connect with Natalia Naranjo

Connect With Diane and Natalie

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